How do ASL interpreters interpret Jazz Scatting?

I am studying American Sign Language and Interpreting. I understand, of course, how in order to effectively interpret the meaning of a phrase, you really have to “get away from the English” and sign the meaning. That being said, how does a professional interpreter handle Scatting? That is, the jazz technique of singing in syllables, not in words!
Any professional interpreters out there who have encountered this before? What did you do? What would you do?

By Brian P


I am not an ASL interpreter, but will venture a guess based on what I do know about sign language interpretation and scatting.

Scatting is using the voice as solely an instrument instead of in its usual dual role of conveying meaning as well as music. So my guess is that the interpreter would treat it like an instrumental passage, perhaps with an explanation of that.

By Tall Willow

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