Jazz Legend Uses Fake Doctors Notes

BB Scott, the famed Atlantic Jazz musician and comedian, used a realistic looking fake doctors note to gather a few laughs from the audience last Thursday.

BB, a Atlantic City native, has lived a life on the road, amidst his constant battle with glaucoma. While visiting a small bar in Rancho Cucamongo, he lit up a marijuana cigarette and claimed he had a doctor’s note for it.  He then mentioned the site bestfakedoctorsnotes.net and claimed the site allowed anyone to acquire a doctors excuse to get out of work or school.  The iste provided a template in which one could fill in the blanks to create a realistic dr excuse for any occasion.

The note, however, was a novelty product.  The cannabis on the other hand, required a legitimate doctor’s prescription.  Once confronted, he produced the document to show that he was a legitimate legal consumer of marijuana.

Maybe because such notes can be acquired easily and employers don’t waste time investigating if it’s true or not since even them requests a regular dental visit.

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